NOD32 Kit 2.70.37 5.03.2007 Classic edition (Full)

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NOD32 is an antivirus solution from Eset. For several years now, NOD32 has been recommended for a lot of organizations, thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness on detecting viruses and any other kind of Internet threats.

You will see a new icon in your system tray (NOD32 Control Center), informing you about the version number and date of the signature file.
The user interface is very simple and clean, and unlikely other protection suites, the program is very lightweight (doesn't waste system resources) and works unnoticeably in the background.
NOD32 Antivirus solution is divided into protection modules, each of which covers a different subject:

- AMON (Filesystem monitor)
- DMON (Document Monitor) -> Microsoft Office
- EMON (E-mail Monitor) -> Microsoft Outlook/Express
- IMON (Internet traffic Monitor) -> Downloads and traffic in the web browsers

Besides that, you will find the 'update module' option, showing you a summary of the system status, and the possibility to update the system manually.
Another important feature for IT managers is the 'remote administration' option. With this, the network administrator can connect to the PC using NOD32 with the help of NOD32 Remote Console Administration and see if it needs an update.
NOD32 updates his virus database automatically by default, and the user only notices it after the operation finishes, and a message in the system tray pops up.
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