Shoulder Surgery: Principles and Procedures, 1st ed. 2004

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Shoulder Surgery: Principles and Procedures
Frederick A. Matsen III MD and Steven B. Lippitt
ISBN-10: 0721695981
ISBN-13: 978-0721695983

This comprehensive, new guide clearly presents the principles of both normal and abnormal shoulder mechanics and shows clinicians how to successfully perform a variety of procedures. The authors focus on time-tested techniques and the basic tools every surgeon has at their disposal...instead of those that need special, complex, or expensive equipment. Over 1,400 superb original illustrations demonstrate every important step.
Provides the scientific foundations upon which shoulder surgery must be based, enabling the surgeon to make adaptations according to a patient's specific mechanical situation.
Describes procedures that have been consistently successful in managing mechanical problems of the shoulder.
Features 1,400 illustrations by a shoulder surgeon who is also a professional artist accurately portray both anatomic features and step-by-step procedures.
Uses a consistent format throughout for easy reference.


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