Atlas of Endometriosis, 3rd ed. 2007

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An Atlas of Endometriosis
(Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series)
Caroline Overton, Colin Davis, Lindsay McMillan, Robert W. Shaw
ISBN-10: 0415395739
ISBN-13: 978-0415395731

This beautifully and comprehensively illustrated Atlas provides a useful educational tool for trainees and general ObGyns who may not be up-to-date with recent research in the condition. The book is a fully revised third edition summarizing advances in the diagnosis and management of the disease. Particularly expanded for this edition are sections on ultrasound and MRI imaging, and non-surgical interventions. New for this edition are aseries of case-histories that expand on topics under consideration and increase the pedagogic value. For the first time, illustrations will be fully integrated with the text. As with all Atlases, the visual approach isvalued by many customers as a quick and memorable method of assimilating essential information on a topic or disease.


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