Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences (3 Volume Set) 1st ed. 2001

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Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences (3 Volume Set)
Jay A. Siegel, Geoffrey C. Knupfer, Pekka J Saukko and Pekka J Saukko
ISBN-10: 0122272153
ISBN-13: 978-0122272158

The editors of this monumental undertaking have commissioned more than 200 articles to thoroughly describe topics relating to forensic science. Practically every specialty associated with forensic science is considered, including the chemical and biological examination of physical evidence, medico-legal topics, photography, crime scene analysis, ethics, and quality assurance. That the contributors are specialists from 22 countries dramatically demonstrates the international standardization that permeates the forensic sciences. The editors have taken care that the contributions are consistent in style and reading level, and that duplication of subjects is minimal. For most topics, a single article suffices, but some forensic subjects are sufficiently detailed to require several articles; for example, anthropology is covered by 13 articles spanning nearly 100 pages. Each article is cross-referenced to other articles closely related in subject matter . . . it will be essential for professionals, attorneys, and students who need accurate, detailed accounts of forensic topics. General readers, attorneys, laboratories, legal firms, and all library collections.


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