Complications in Peripheral Vascular Interventions, 1st ed. 2007

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Complications in Peripheral Vascular Interventions 2007
Martin Schillinger and Erich Minar
ISBN-10: 1841846287
ISBN-13: 978-1841846286

This book aims to systematically cover specific complications in peripheral vascular interventions. Typical and atypical complications are described for all peripheral vessel areas and methods how to handle these events are outlined. The book is divided in two parts: part I reviews general aspects on complications in peripheral interventions, part II covers the specific vessel areas. Each chapter on the specific vessel areas includes · introduction on the frequency and kind of complications in this vessel area · factors identifying high risk patients for these complications · complications of specific interventional steps and complications for specific interventional tools · endovascular techniques to resolve these complications · methods to avoid these complications · summary · check list for an emergency equipment for interventions in this specific vessel area The book's focus is on practical tips for the interventionist in the cath-lab; reviewing complicated cases and outlining different strategies in real-life cases, thus to share the experience of high-volume interventionists with the reader.


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