General Dermatology: An Atlas of Investigation and Management, 1st ed. 2007

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An Atlas of Diagnosis and Management : General Dermatology 1st ed.
John SC English,
ISBN-10: 1904392768
ISBN-13: 978-1904392767
Atlas Medical Publishing Ltd.

This is a concise pictorial atlas that reflects common yet challenging problems for the general practitioner and dermatologist. It will help to fulfil the continuing demand for visual material that will assist the clinician to correctly identify disorders through visual memory, to create investigative strategies for diagnosis, and to determine appropriate management.
With 250 full-color illustrations throughout the book, the contents cover: childhood skin disease, widespread rashes, skin tumours, hand and foot dermatoses, face dermatoses, genital and oral problems, scalp and nails, skin infections and infestations and leg ulcers and wound healing.
This book provides an invaluable point of reference for the specialist's office, for the general practice surgery, and for the individual trainee dermatologist.


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