Complications of Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery, 2006

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Complications of Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery
Keith B. Isaacson
ISBN-10: 0721606695
ISBN-13: 978-0721606699

Featuring the work of Dr. Isaacson - a recognized and respected member of the Ob/Gyn community - this new resource examines all aspects of complications that can potentially occur in gynecologic endoscopic surgery. It offers comprehensive coverage of the entire patient perioperative process, from choosing the appropriate patient to undergoing gynecologic endoscopic surgery...and every process in between. Each chapter has a consistent format touching on the prevention, recognition, and management of a specific complication, and starts with a review of the literature on the likelihood that a specific complication will occur. Abundant diagrams and photographs of complications and management enhance the material and illustrate and clarify the concepts presented.


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