Surgery for Ovarian Cancer: Principles and Practice, 1st ed. 2006

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Surgery for Ovarian Cancer: Principles and Practice,
Robert E. Bristow, Beth Y. Karlan and Dennis S. Chi
ISBN-10: 1841847062
ISBN-13: 978-1841847061

This comprehensive surgical text, has been updated and expanded and includes the important techniques essential for the effective management of ovarian cancer, with particular emphasis on providing a practical step-by-step approach to the techniques described.

This new edition now includes; new operative photographs, robotics, the new instruments and energy sources involved in preoperative preparation, plus new chapters on the surgical issues for intraperitoneal chemotherapy, and a chapter on advanced cytoreductive surgery program development.

With a companion website containing video clips of surgical procedures, this package will be essential for gynecologic oncologists, pelvic surgeons, and general surgeons operating on patients with known or suspected ovarian cancer.


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