Atlas of Thyroid Lesions, 1st ed. 2011

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Atlas of Thyroid Lesions, 2011
Arne Heilo, Eva Sigstad, and Krystyna Groeholt
ISBN-10: 1441960090
ISBN-13: 978-1441960092

Atlas of Thyroid Lesions provides a broad overview of the variety of lesions in the thyroid gland and their different characteristics and features, in the unique combination of ultrasound, cytologic and histologic appearance. Nodules in the thyroid gland are quite common. Studies estimate that more than 70% of the adult population in the United States has thyroid lesions when examined by ultrasound. More than 80% of thyroid nodules are benign. Too many benign nodules are surgically resected due to insufficient diagnostics, and too many malignant tumors do not get adequate primary surgical treatment. This book demonstrates how multidisciplinary approaches can increase the quality of the complex thyroid diagnoses and thereby secure correct treatment. This atlas presents: • Comprehensive description and overview of all thyroid lesions, tumor types, nodules and neck lymph node metastases • High quality ultrasound and pathology images • Easy to find images of anticipated tumor types • Didactic tools for how to improve diagnostic accuracy in the field.


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