Ophthalmic Drugs: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Uses, 5th ed. 2007

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Ophthalmic Drugs: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Uses
Graham Hopkins and Richard M. Pearson
ISBN-10: 0750688645
ISBN-13: 978-0750688642

Completely updated and revised, this classic book provides the essential information on ocular therapeutics for the modern optometrist. Retaining all the features that made previous editions so popular, the new fifth edition continues to provide a basic grounding in pharmacological principles and drug types, before moving on to illustrate the scope of ocular therapeutics in the management of common acute conditions affecting the anterior segment of the eye. Throughout the text there are numerous new clinical notes and ready-reference tables, making for greater ease of use than ever before.

  •  Greatly expanded text including an illustrated section on ocular disease and its treatment

  • New drugs included, processes and procedures updated and revised

  • Now all completely redesigned in full colour throughout

  • Features ready-reference tables and clinical notes

  • Completely updated and revised to reflect modern practice

  • Clinically orientated and appropriate for the practitioner as well as the student

  • Written by experts with years of practical experience in teaching and training as well as dispensing these essential preparations


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