Understanding Tuberculosis: New Approaches to Fighting Against Drug Resistance, 2012

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Understanding Tuberculosis: New Approaches to Fighting Against Drug Resistance"
Pere-Joan Cardona
ISBN: 9533079486

In this book, diverse authors focus on the development and the activity of the new tuberculosis drug families.

In 1957, a Streptomyces strain, the ME/83 (S.mediterranei), was isolated in the Lepetit Research Laboratories from a soil sample collected at a pine arboretum near Saint Raphael, France. This drug was the base for the chemotherapy with Streptomicine. The euphoria generated by the success of this regimen lead to the idea that TB eradication would be possible by the year 2000.
Thus, any further drug development against TB was stopped. Unfortunately, the lack of an accurate administration of these drugs originated the irruption of the drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Once the global emergency was declared in 1993, seeking out new drugs became urgent.

Part 1 Strategies for new drug discovering
1 Multi-Drug/Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (Mdr/Xdr-Tb): Renewed Global Battle Against Tuberculosis?
2 Chemotherapeutic Strategies and Targets Against Resistant TB
3 A New Hope in TB Treatment: The Development of the Newest Drugs
4 In Search of El Dorado: Current Trends and Strategies in the Development of Novel Anti-Tubercular Drugs
5 An Approach to the Search for New Drugs Against Tuberculosis
6 Antitubercular In Vitro Drug Discovery: Tools for Begin the Search
7 New Antitubercular Drugs Designed by Molecular Modification
8 The Cord Factor: Structure, Biosynthesis and Application in Drug Research - Achilles Heel of Mycobacterium tuberculosis?
Part 2 New drugs to face Resistance
9 Old and New TB Drugs: Mechanisms of Action and Resistance
10 Pyrazinecarboxylic Acid Derivatives with Anti mycobacteria I Activity
11 The Potential Therapeutic Usage of Dithiocarbamate Sugar Derivatives for Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
12 Fighting Against Resistant Strains: The Case of Benzothiazinones and Dinitrobenzamides
13 Quinolone Resistance in Tuberculosis Treatment: A Structural Overview
14 Anti mycobacteria I Activity Some Different Lamiaceae Plant Extracts Containing Flavonoids and Other Phenolic Compounds
15 Cinnamic Derivatives in Tuberculosis
16 Potential Use of I. suffruticosa in Treatment of Tuberculosis with Immune System Activation


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