Color Textbook of Histology, 3rd ed, 2007

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Color Textbook of Histology, 3rd ed, 2007
Leslie P. Gartner and James L. Hiatt
ISBN-10: 1416029451
ISBN-13: 978-1416029458

This is a clearly written, well-illustrated book that is easy to read and presents its information in a way that engages the reader fully. The photomicrographs, electron micrographs and diagrams are excellent quality and clearly labelled, providing a great visual accompaniment to the text. The authors have also included sections called 'clinical correlations' that put the factual information into the context of a clinical scenario, providing additional useful information for their readers. The presence of a CD-Rom and access to an educational website is also very valuable. It is clear that this book is focused on making the information accessible and interesting to the reader and the authors have clearly succeeded in this aim.


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