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Surgical Talk: Surgery for Finals
Andrew Goldberg and Gerard Stansby
ISBN-10: 1860942067
ISBN-13: 978-1860942068

As finals approach, medical students often become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of knowledge required to pass all subjects in one go, including surgery, medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, pharmacology and psychiatry. Clearly the students cannot know each of these subjects in as much detail as they did during their individual attachments and they need to concentrate on important topics rather than minutiae.
Whereas existing textbooks cover many topics very well and in great detail, they are lengthy and difficult to read in a short space of time; also some subjects are poorly covered and give no real understanding of practical management and logical thought processes -- the exact requirements for passing finals.

Surgical Talk: Surgery for Finals is specifically aimed at helping students pass the surgical final examination; it concentrates on subjects and concepts that tend to confuse students. Each chapter is like a tutorial, providing tips on what to say and when to say it and more importantly a logical approach to answering questions. The book deals with topics poorly covered elsewhere, such as fluid balance, total parenteral nutrition, central lines, drains and surgical antibiotics. It also has comprehensive chapters on orthopaedics and urology. The reader will feel as though they are being taught one to one.


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